Simplify Your Day With Modern Record Review Tools

By ABI - March 10th, 2017


It may not always be the first priority on your list, but reviewing and summarizing records effectively is critical to the outcome of a case. The task can be so important that, at times, firms spend hours combing through stacks of paper to identify pertinent information.

Pen and paper have been the go-to tool for summarizing records, but issues can build up with the dependence on this method.

Clutter: It’s no secret that paper stacks take up space in your office. Unnecessary clutter often makes it difficult to find that one critical page in a stack of many.

Different summarization styles: When your team is responsible for summarizing records, each member may have different review styles. This can lead to difficulty in reviewing the notes, particularly if your process for training team members is not sophisticated in the first place.

To avoid these issues, consider leveraging web-based summarization tools.

Make Your Work Day Easier

With record review tools, you can:

Increase efficiency: Find the critical information contained within the records faster using OCR search tools, and create summaries based on multiple variables (date-of-service, provider, or keyword).

Eliminate the urgency: Find a specific document in minutes, not hours.

Reviewing and summarizing records is certainly a critical element of your case, but it is not the only critical element. By leveraging modern review tools to quickly create uniform summaries, you can focus your team’s effort in the other critical areas of your case.