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5 Productivity Tools for Every Legal Professional

It’s not a secret that office work can be stressful. Keeping pace with the ups and downs of your job can have you wondering what to do next, and how to do it best. Luckily, you live in a time where tools that can make our days easier exist a
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

Are You Sure You’ve Discovered Every Piece of Information?

    Scenario 1: It’s the 11th hour and you are finalizing your case notes before trial. You have reviewed each page of the case records several times. Your reports are neatly organized. You are certain you’ve identified the ap
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

How to Improve Office Collaboration During Record Review

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie Si
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

Record Retrieval 101

It is quite frequent that during the course of litigation a helping hand is needed to secure important information critical to the case. Many attorneys rely on the retrieval and review of personal records for critical case information. During thi
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

Case Closed: ABI Helps Standardize Records Retrieval and Review for Efficiency

Within the past few years, the majority of record retrieval services are expanding their services to include search and summarization tools for their clients. ABI has taken the lead with the introduction of their web-based software platform, eSum
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

Are You Spending Too Much Time Analyzing Pages? Case Study: How Law Firms Can Analyze 250 Pages in 14 Minutes

There aren’t too many people in this world that find record review captivating. Hours upon hours are spent performing a task that many times goes unappreciated. The fact is, record review is a key component in discovery and an important step in
By ABI - March 10th, 2017

18 Percent Sounds Right: Records Review and Summation Should Be a Small Part of Your Workday. ABI Can Help.

For any business, it is always very hard to put an exact number on the amount of time that should be spent on individual tasks. For any legal professional, reviewing records and summarizing the information found in those records is a necessary task
By ABI - March 8th, 2016

ABI Document Support Services, Inc. Acquired by Examworks, Inc.

ABI Document Support Services, Inc. Acquired by ExamWorks, Inc.; Recognized Innovator Will Continue as Unique Brand in the ExamWorks Family of Companies; ABI Clients Can Expect Business as Usual ABI Document Support Services, Inc. (“AB
By ABI - January 11th, 2016