What’s in a Medical Record?

By ABI - September 7th, 2017

Medical records contain a wealth of information. But sorting through it to find what you need can be a nightmare. Fortunately, a document summary service can make the process faster.

What Is EHR?

Most medical records are now maintained in electronic form. Collectively, these records are known as EHR or electronic health records. They contain a great deal of information, including:

  • Patient demographics, such as name, address, SSN and personal data
  • Vital signs
  • Progress notes
  • Medical history
  • Diagnosis
  • Medication
  • Allergies
  • Radiology images and reports
  • Immunizations and dates given
  • Lab tests and results

EHR contain all of the information included in paper medical records, but they have many advantages over paper medical records. They’re easier to share among various providers, and they make it easier for different doctors treating the same patient to collaborate and see a patient’s history and progress. They also cut down on things like drug interactions and missed allergies by making all of a patient’s medical records available within a hospital’s or provider’s computer system.

A Document Summary Service Makes Records Review Painless

Arguably, one of the disadvantages of EHR is that they provide so much information that it is overwhelming for law firms and legal professionals to analyze EHR when handling a case or claim. Unfortunately, much of the information is irrelevant to the issue at hand, which means firms and insurers must sort through a lot of unnecessary data to find what they need.

This is where a document summary service can help. Summarization tools like eSummary by ABI™ deliver EHR in a platform that is organized, user-friendly and easy to search.

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