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Why Are Custodians an Important Part of Record Retrieval?

Much of the discussion around record retrieval centers on the requesting party. However, records custodians are a critical component in any retrieval request. At ABI, we are proud of the long-standing relationships we maintain with medical record
By ABI - October 31st, 2018

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing Your Records Retrieval

A record retrieval company can make getting medical records and other documents fast and painless. Instead of spending valuable time and resources tracking down facilities and following up on document requests, law firms and insurance professiona
By ABI - October 24th, 2018

Technology’s Role in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry may have a reputation for being slow to change, but that stereotype is proving to be obsolete according to technology experts and industry leaders. Far from being stagnant, carriers are now at the forefront of new tech-powe
By ABI - October 17th, 2018

Best Practices for Record Custodians

Record custodians have the important task of storing and managing records, including medical records. A 2012 survey found that medical records make up 30 percent of the world’s total data storage. Because medical records contain sensitive pe
By ABI - October 10th, 2018

Best Password Practices Can Stop Cyber Criminals in Their Tracks

Many people use a “set it and forget it” approach to passwords. Others create passwords that are easy to remember and thus vulnerable to data thieves. Passwords are a first line of defense against data breaches, which continue to increase yea
By ABI - October 10th, 2018